Too busy

2014-09-09 11:52:58 by Sovarozum

There's new music coming soon I promise, just be a little patient? ^-^'

I make new tunes for thursday

2014-08-28 17:14:40 by Sovarozum

is good, chyess?

We had to write an original song within 6 hours! Go!

(I'm gon_pulvo)

Jazzy NYC 99'! 

A New EP, A New Cause

2014-08-19 21:53:55 by Sovarozum

I've been inspired to write music for charity! I think its an awesome idea, and it keeps my ideas flowing. You can check them out on noisetrade!

Here's the first one, Enjoy!


2014-08-13 15:39:54 by Sovarozum

Right now, I'm all about launching content. Feel free to follow me on SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp, whereever. I launch exclusive content for all of these!


2014-08-04 11:21:40 by Sovarozum

Hello! I'm Sovarozum! I've been making music for awhile, but I've just now gotten a newgrounds account. Anyone willing to show me the ropes would be awesome. Thanks guys, it'll be fun chatting. :D